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Image by Adeolu Eletu



Every barbershop has its own personality, just as every barber has his/her own unique style. We use your ideas with our know how to produce the desired look that  represents your style.  We are raising vibrations through style.


It's been said that great health is true wealth. We are committed to reviving our communities through our Health & Handsome product lines. The health of our clients is of the highest priority. Our Health and Handsome products are used in our establishment as well as sold for home use. They are of the highest quality bearing the original manufacturer label. Our products aid in the grooming and preservation of hair and proper care of the skin & scalp.


Culture is Freedom . At The Art of Barbering we aim to reclaim a culture that's been lost to a bunch of untruths. We face many obstacles , adversaries , an opposition just to live a lifestyle that often leads to poverty, and  poor health. We are committed to

leaving our youth with a culture and a future worth living. 


Barbering is one the oldest professions in the world. Hairstyles dictated  social  status in early days and the beard was considered to be a sign of wisdom, strength, and manhood. The narrative is forever changing and there's something about obtaining old information  bringing it up to date.   It is extremely important to examine history as a means of direction. There is nothing new under the sun.


 Barbershops are full of different mentalities, and time doesn't permit to talk about the negative. Developing positive mentalities is part of our  daily operation.  When we allow ourselves to see the value in others we also increase in value.    We are committed to helping develop strong positive mentalities globally. The children are the future.

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